Can I see some examples of your photo transfers?

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Of course! We process thousands of print photos, slides, and negatives every week. Slides and negatives are converted at 2400 DPI, and photo prints are converted at 300 DPI. We always strive to provide a direct, 1 to 1 transfer of the source material.

Click on the photos below to see the example files at full resolution in Google Drive. 

  • Slides - High Quality: 2400 DPI

photo-slide-high-quality.JPG(5,164 x 3,436 pixels) 

  • Photo Prints - High Quality: 300 DPI

photo-print-high-quality.jpg(1,728 x 1,146 pixels)

  • Negatives - High Quality: 2400 DPI

photo-negatives-high-quality.jpg(3,335 x 1,927 pixels)




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