Where do I find my order number?

That's a great question!

When you place an order for a Legacybox, you will receive an order confirmation via email that will include an order number that begins with the letter ‘L’. That is your transaction ID number.

Once your order ships, that “L number” will be attached to your production order number, which will be the numbers before the dash on the safety barcode labels we include in your customized Welcome Guide. You'll find those on Page 11 of your welcome booklet. You will also find this number printed on the last page of your Welcome Guide. We recommend keeping this for your records after you send your order in.

If you’re reaching out to our Customer Support team, you can refer to your order number using either the “L number” or the production order number found on your barcode labels.

However, when you’re tracking your order online, titling your discs, or if you’re activating an order from one of our third party vendors, you’ll want to use the number from your barcode labels.


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    Where do I get a Legacyy box for my shipping?



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