Why did I receive an invoice for extra items?

Great question! 

When you place an order, you are buying a box that is prepaid for a certain number of items. We offer 2 Item, 10 Item, 20 Item, and 40 Item boxes. In each box, you'll see barcodes that say "Included Item $0" in the quantity of the number of items the box covers.

We also understand that many people have a number of items in between our box sizes. Therefore, each box also has additional barcodes that say "Additional Item $15." If you decide to add more items to your box, you are charged at a rate of $15 for each extra item. 

Invoices may also be generated if you decide to add an output, such as a DVD/CD set, thumb drive, and/or Digital Download. 

You can pay the invoice using the link in the email that we sent out to you, or feel free to give our Customer Support Team a call at 800-797-8210. Our phone hours are Monday–Friday, 8 AM–Midnight EST, and Saturday–Sunday, 9 AM–6 PM EST.  

Can’t find your answer in our support center? Contact us directly.