Why does my tape play fine in my player, but my DVD looks noticeably worse?

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We are sorry to hear that!

While this issue is very rare, we do see it from time to time, primarily on VHS tapes that were recorded in a VCR.

As a general rule, the best player for a tape is the player it was originally recorded in. Whether it's a VCR, camcorder, or some other type of player, there are a lot of differences between brands and models. While all of our players are set up to best approximate your player at home, on very rare occasions the differences are very large. 

As a first step, check and see if all of the tapes recorded on that player are affected, or if it is just the one.

If all of the tapes were affected, check the inside of your player at home and see if you notice any build ups of dirt, dust, or grime. These can throw off the tracking of a tape and make it difficult to play in another player. 

If you would like us to take another crack at your tapes, please let us know. We'd be happy to help you set up a return. Simply reach out to our Customer Service team, and we'll get the ball rolling.



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