What can I do with my digital files, and how do I edit them?

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Great question!

Sadly, not all of the things we recorded back in the day are worth rewatching. The video footage you shot of your daughter's first ballet recital is absolutely precious, tear jerking, and something you'll never forget.

But, the two hours of footage you recorded afterwards, when you put the camcorder back in the bag and forgot to turn it off, is something you could do without. We get it; it has happened to all of us, so there's no judgement here!

We are happy to tell you that these things are easy to fix, but not just that, editing is a way to take your digital files and create something more. If you want to cut out pieces of video that you don't want, or want to combine together clips to create something bigger and better, editing is for you!

There are many basic video editors out there that are incredibly easy to use. Most computers come bundled with one already installed, or have editors that are easy to access and install.





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