What is the scan resolution of your photos?

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That's an excellent question! Resolution for Photo digital files is measured in DPI, or Dots Per Inch. The inch measurement comes from the size of your original media. We use several different processes to scan your photos, depending on what scanning method is best, and minimum DPI standards they must meet:

  • Slides: 2400 DPI
  • Photo Prints: 300 DPI
  • Negatives: 2400 DPI

Click on the photos below to see real photo scans, using our process, at full resolution in Google Drive.  

  • Slides - High Quality: 2400 DPI

photo-slide-high-quality.JPG(5,164 x 3,436 pixels) 

  • Photo Prints - High Quality: 300 DPI

photo-print-high-quality.jpg(1,728 x 1,146 pixels) 

  • Negatives - High Quality: 2400 DPI 

photo-negatives-high-quality.jpg(‪3,335 x 1,927‬ pixels)

Scans at these resolutions are great for sharing on social media, or for editing in the image editor of your choice. Of course, the exact measurements of the Photo digital file will depend on the physical size of the photo itself.

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