Can I change my shipping address?

That depends!

We want to make sure your order is shipped to the right place, so we would be happy to help you update your return shipping address in our system.

If either 1) we have not received your order or 2) your order is still in our facility and has not received a shipping scan, then we can change the address. Just contact our Customer Support Team for help updating your information. (Please be aware that notes left in your box with updated shipping information will not update your address in our system.)

If either 1) your order is still in our facility and has received a shipping scan or 2) your order has been shipped already, then we cannot change the address.



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    Rose Bright

    I wanted to make sure you have my new address of: 12602 Shirley Oaks Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32218.  I no longer live in Kansas City, MO


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