Manage your Legacybox Backup Subscription

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Legacybox Backup is a subscription service that takes the hassle out of protecting your home videos and photos by hosting them securely in the cloud.

Your Legacybox Backup subscription can be managed through your order's status page on our website!

  1. To start, click here! This link takes you to your order's status page on our website where you can manage your Legacybox Backup subscription. You'll log in using your 7 digit order number and email address.
  2. From there, scroll down to the Backup section and select "Manage Account."
  3. Since the platform is secure, you will receive via email or SMS text a 4 digit PIN code to enter on the next screen.
  4. Here, you can make changes to your Backup subscription.

Please note that cancelation of your Legacybox Backup account will result in the permanent deletion of your files once your subscription ends.

If you still have questions about your Backup subscription, please feel free to contact us via email at, or via phone at 423-375-0000, Monday to Friday, from 9AM-5PM EST.






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