What is the difference between Legacybox Backup and Digital Download?

That's a great question! While they seem similar, the two options actually serve different purposes.


Digital download is one of our three digital delivery options (along with DVD sets and thumb drives). Choosing that option will provide you with a link of all of your digital files once your order is done processing. We send your files via Google Drive and you will be able to download the files from there on to your own device. These files are available for 30 days after your order is completed.


Legacybox Backup, on the other hand, is an add-on that allows you to archive your digitized memories on a secure server for an extended period of time. This will allow you to 1) have extra security in cases where your digital products are misplaced, damaged, or corrupted and 2) request extra copies of your memories for friends and family. As long as your subscription remains active, we’ll have your memories saved!


Therefore, these two things are not the same product nor mutually exclusive. In reality, it may be smart to get both! The Digital Download for immediate access of your downloaded files, and the Legacybox Backup for securely saving your memories indefinitely. 

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