What is Legacybox Backup?

Legacybox Backup is an optional add-on to a Legacybox order that provides a secure cloud-based backup for your newly digitized files. This service keeps your items safe from all the unforeseen events—such as computer crashes, theft, and fire—that can cause files to get lost or destroyed.

Features of the service:

  • Automatic backup once your digitizing is complete
  • A monthly e-mail that outlines the status of your files
  • Anytime access to a password-protected dashboard where you can monitor your files
  • The ability to request additional downloads and copies saved on thumb drive
  • Ongoing support for whenever you have a question

Legacybox Backup is a monthly subscription service, charged up front for the year and renewed yearly.


Please note: Legacybox Backup is not a replacement or substitute for digital download. Retrieving backed-up files may take up to 2 weeks. There may be additional fees for retrieving backed-up files. 

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