Can you convert my tapes? Is it a high quality transfer?

Yes! We convert most consumer video tapes. Your tapes will be transferred so you can see every detail of the original video. We deliver your digital videos on high quality DVDs and/or mp4 format (via thumb drives and/or digital download through Google Drive).

While we are able to convert most consumer formats (VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, MiniDV, Betamax), there are a few formats we cannot process. Here they are:

  • BetaCam
  • BetaSP
  • U-Matic
  • ¾” Tapes (commonly called VTR)
  • DVCPro
  • DAT tapes
  • Broadcast tapes
  • Anything larger than VHS

Each tape counts as one item in your order, and we will provide a complete start-to-finish transfer to digital for each tape you include.

Given the nature of our digitization process, all video transfers will be in 4:3 aspect ratio, regardless of the original aspect ratio.

The majority of tapes are natively 4:3, so they will look just as they did when originally recorded. In some rare cases, newer tapes may have been shot in 16:9 aspect ratio, or high definition. We are not able to convert the finished files to 16:9, and we are unable to produce HD digital files.

For a sneak peak into the quality of our tape transfers, there are three examples below.

Example #1:

Example #2:

Example #3:




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    Herbert Abram

    T have 11 cassette tapes one more than 10

  • Comment author
    Herbert Abram

    What is the price, also can the cassettes be set up so I can play them on my phone. I have an android note 10.



    Herbert Abram

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    Cynthia L Alford

    Do you convert V8 to thumb drive using format code H.264?


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