How many DVDs/CDs will I receive if I select the disc set?

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The type and number of discs you receive will depend on what types of media items you send in. 


Video Tapes:

Each tape will be converted to its own DVD disc. Normally the tape can fit on a single disc, but some longer tapes may need to be split up onto multiple discs. You can learn more about this here.


Film Reels:

As film reels generally have a very short run time, they will be combined onto a single DVD disc. In cases of orders with a large number of reels, multiple discs may be required. Please note: we are not able to digitize film reels onto separate discs.


Audio Tapes/Reels:

Each side of an audio tape or audio reel will be converted to its own audio CD disc. For example, a two sided audio cassette will be converted to two discs; one for Side A and one for Side B. Please note: we do not provide track separation. You can learn more about this here.



All photo items in an order will be converted to a single storage CD disc. Each individual image will be a separate .JPG file on the disc. Please note: photo items will not come back as a DVD viewable in a DVD player. You can learn more about this here.



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