How much does a USB thumb drive cost?

Prices for thumb drives vary to accommodate on the size of the Legacybox ordered. Listed below are the Legacyboxes with the corresponding thumb drive size and cost:

Starter Box - 8GB for $15.95
Family Box - 16GB for $29.95
Closet Box - 64GB for $49.95
Trunk Box - 128GB for $79.95

When you're ready to order, just head on over to

In the ordering process, you'll select the output formats you'd like to receive. You can order just a thumb drive if you'd like, or you can order DVDs as well.

Please note that each thumb drive will contain files for your entire order, so you only need to purchase one unless you want multiple copies.

If you change your mind and wish to add a thumb drive after you order, don't worry! We'll include upgrade stickers with your Legacybox you can use to tell us you want to change your order to include a thumb drive. There's even a sticker you can use to indicate you want both DVDs and a thumb drive.


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