I would like to change or add items to my order. What should I do?

To add a USB thumb drive to your order, you can simply use the upgrade stickers included in your box. If you'd like to add extra items for processing, we've also included some "Add Item" stickers you can stick on those items.

If you want to make other changes to your order, or if you have any questions about the above information, feel free to contact our Customer Support Team by email at questions@legacybox.com. Or, you can speak to a representative over the phone at (800) 797-8210. Our lines are open Monday–Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM Eastern.

Just let know what you're wanting to change, and we are happy to help.

Please note that if you have already shipped your order to us, we are only able to make some changes (like adding a USB thumb drive) to your order. Any additional video tapes, film reels, audio, or photos will require a separate order. This is a safety measure to make sure we know where all of your items are at all times.

Can’t find your answer in our support center? Contact us directly.