Can you transfer my personal DVD or mini DVD to a digital file?

While we would love to help you duplicate, copy, or transfer your personal DVDs or mini DVDs, at this time we can only convert non-digital media.

Keep an eye on our website, though! In an effort to serve our customers better, we are always adding new features and services.



  • Comment author
    Kathleen Sterns

    I had transferred my tapes to a DVD format.  I have several but I am afraid they will not longer run on new computers. Are you planning to transfer DVD discs?


  • Comment author
    Darla Meek

    I have the same question! I can play them on my old DVD player but not on my computer. Help?

  • Comment author
    Alyssa Maliska

    I also was hoping they could do a dvd. I have our wedding on a dvd but want it on my computer. The new computers don’t have a disc drive.


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