Did you receive my order?

Once your order is received in our facility, we will send an email notification immediately to let you know we've checked it in. As your order moves through our plant, we will send you emails every step of the way, keeping you updated at every turn.

Please note that receiving can take a few business days and up to two weeks (during peak volume) for our team to check in orders. This time-frame greatly depends on incoming order volume.



  • Comment author
    Gary Wassman

    I ordered a package approximately 2 weeks ago, but I never received the starting box. Where you guys ever going to send me a box to send you, my product? BTW...you have the most difficult method for getting in touch with someone. Very frustrating.  

  • Comment author
    Micah Russell

    My tracking comments stopped on 3/25/22...is there a way I can call or email a person to find out the status of my order?

  • Comment author
    Joan Moulton

    Legacybox also stopped tracking my order on April 5. It has been 3 months since my payment was confirmed. I am afraid I will not recommend this service to anyone. I am so disappointed in you company.


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