How do I redeem my Groupon promo code?

Redeeming your Groupon code is easy!

To redeem your Groupon, you'll need to go to and select the box you want to order, and then the output formats you'd like (DVD Set, Thumb Drive, or Digital Download).

Then, proceed to the checkout and enter your redemption code in the Discount box at the right-hand side of the final checkout page. The codes often look something like this: GBSL203Z.

In that checkout process, you'll need to enter your card info to cover the shipping cost and the output formats for your order. You can choose the shipping options during checkout as well. Finishing that process will confirm your order in our system, and you'll receive an email confirmation including your order number.

If you have any trouble with your Groupon, please let us know and send a photo or copy of the voucher, and we'll be happy to assist you. Let us know if you have any further questions.

*Groupon codes may not cover return shipping costs, and you can see that reflected under the terms and conditions on your voucher. Groupon vouchers may not be applied to the thumb drive,  DVDs/CDs or digital download. They cannot be combined with other promotions.

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