Will you keep my photos in chronological order?

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We are excited to help you preserve your photos!

We use a variety of scanners and equipment for each order, to ensure the highest quality conversion for your photos, slides, and negatives. Some photos tend to be more finicky than others and may require multiple pieces of equipment.

For these reasons, and because we want to make our processes as efficient as possible, we cannot guarantee that our team will be able to keep your photos in a specific/chronological order. Our priority is to make sure your memories are transferred at the highest possible quality.

However, we have a great solution for you! Whether you purchase a photo disc, a thumb drive, or Digital Access, you'll receive JPEG files of your photos. They're perfect for uploading to your computer, where you can reorganize and edit to your liking, using any photo storage program (e.g. Google Photos, iPhoto, etc.).



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