Can I get extra copies of my DVDs/CDs?

We'd love to help you with this. When placing your Legacybox order, feel free to purchase as many DVD Sets as you'd like. Each DVD Set will provide one DVD/CD copy of each item in your order, so purchasing multiple sets will provide extras.

If you'd rather not buy multiple DVD Sets, no worries! The DVDs we provide are not copy protected, so you'll be able to make copies on your end. They are in VOB format, just like DVD movies you can buy, so copying them will require a one-to-one disc copier. We usually recommend taking them to a FedEx Office location, and some Costco and Staples locations also offer DVD copying.

The audio CDs can be copied like any standard audio disc. The JPEG files on the photo CDs can be downloaded to your computer, and then burned to a new disc.




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