What’s your return policy?

Think we missed something? Simply contact our Customer Support team at questions@legacybox.com to let us know. If we can’t fix it, we're happy to provide a credit to be redeemed on a future order. No hassle.

We accept returns within 30 days of completion of an order. Though we are not obligated to do so, we sometimes take returns past the 30-day window, depending on the issue. If you believe you are entitled to a return even though the 30-day window has expired, please contact our Customer Support team.

If a return is set up, within 30 days, to address issues that resulted from our conversion process, we will not charge any additional fees for review, return shipment, or re-transfers.

If the material is not transferrable due to age, fragility, format, damage, or any other condition we are not responsible for, a credit of equivalent items  will be provided to you, and your original materials will be returned. In that case, though, we do not cover the cost of shipping a return order back to our facilities.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.


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    April Gremillion

    I'd just like the return of my items and a refund.  The length of time that you have had my items just sitting there is a little crazy!  They have been sitting there since October 4th and there has been nothing done with them.  I have friends that have used a competitor and have gotten their items converted on things sent off AFTER my were already recieve in your facility.


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