How do I play my DVDs and/or CDs?

Our video DVDs work just like the standard DVDs you're familiar with. They will work on any device you can use to play DVDs such as DVD players, computers with DVD drives, and gaming consoles.

If your device is set to auto play DVDs, you will see a blue or black menu screen after inserting the disc. Select the first option, and your home movies will begin to play.

If you're using a PC that is not set to auto play, you can right click on the DVD icon and open it with your preferred video player. On a Mac, the DVD should appear on your desktop. Select it, and then click "File" and "Open With" your preferred video player.

Our audio CDs will work like any music CD you've used in the past. Simply insert the disc into computer or CD player and listen!

Photo CDs will work in your computer. Insert the disc and you can open the individual images in your preferred photo viewer or editor.

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