What is the price of a Legacybox?

All Legacyboxes are conveniently priced by the size of box that fits your needs. Each box is prepaid for a certain number of items. We have four options available:

Starter - prepaid for 3 items at just $74.95
Family - prepaid for 10 items at just $249.95
Closet - prepaid for 20 items at just $499.95
Trunk - prepaid for 40 items at just $999.95

Each box can hold a specific number of "items." One item would be considered to be 1 tape, 1 film reel regardless of size, or 25 photos.

For example, the Family Box can hold 10 "items," which could be 5 tapes, 3 film reels, and 50 photos. That would be a combination of the three formats that would total 10 items.

To see our pricing for yourself and begin ordering your Legacybox, visit www.legacybox.com/pricing.

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