How do I activate my order number?

Looking for the activation code?

Activating your order can be done in a snap! Our activation process is a safety precaution that allows us to verify your information and match it to your unique Legacybox. If you are instructed to activate your order, you may do so at our activation page, Just click the link, and enter your information.

You'll be prompted to provide your order number and unique activation code that came with your Legacybox.

You can find this activation code on the back of your "Shipping Label & Barcode Stickers" packet. 

Please note that order activation is only necessary if your order is marked as a gift in our system, or if it was purchased through a third party, like HSN, QVC, Zulily, etc. If neither of these applies to you, then your order should already be active in our system.

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