Can I add a USB thumb drive to my order?


Just starting the order process?

Legacybox provides the option of a USB thumb drive during the checkout process.

If you're ready to order, head over to, and be sure to select a USB thumb drive to your order during the checkout process!

With the thumb drive, you'll get digital copies of your files that you can easily save to your computer. You can then do whatever you want with those files - edit, share, and/or copy them as many times as you need. You can burn copies to discs, save them to other devices, and even upload them to a cloud service.

Already ordered DVDs but changed your mind?

Don't worry! You'll receive upgrade stickers with your Legacybox that you can use to tell us that you'd like to switch to a USB thumb drive. You can also upgrade your order to include both DVDs and a thumb drive using these stickers. Simply follow the instructions and place the appropriate stickers on your Legacybox before you send it back to us.

Did you order your box before June 24th, 2017 but haven't sent it back yet?

Click here to add a thumb drive to your existing order.  We will take it from there and ensure all your memories are safely stored and processed.  

Can’t find your answer in our support center? Contact us directly.