Where can I ship my Legacybox?

Your Legacybox comes pre-paid and pre-address to be processed at our Chattanooga, TN processing facility.

Place your included return shipping label over the existing label on the cardboard box that your Legacybox arrived in. The label can also be applied directly to the Legacybox, but it is not recommended.

The included label is part of a return service offered by FedEx.

Here's how you can ship your Legacybox:

  • Bring to your local Post Office
  • Hand to your mail carrier
  • Place inside your mailbox
  • Drop off at a FedEx location
  • Drop off at an authorized FedEx location

Please do not take your box to a UPS location or a FedEx drop box.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we do not accept hand-delivered Legacyboxes at our Chattanooga production facility.

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