Where do I place my barcodes on my items?

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Barcodes are included with your Legacybox and are uniquely numbered, identifying your tape to your order number.

Every item needs a barcode. Start in the upper left, using the top left barcode first that ends in the #1, then utilize the next barcode #2, and continue sequentially.

An item can be:

  • 1 videotape
  • 1 film reel (any size)
  • 1 audio reel
  • 1 audio cassette
  • 1 set of 25 photos prints
  • 1 set of 25 slides

It is generally best to place barcodes next to any preexisting labels on the tape. These labels are usually in the most visible portion of the tape. Placing barcodes next to or over any existing labels is the best way to ensure your barcode is easily seen.

Always be sure to barcode the tape or reel itself and never the case. We recommend keeping your cases at home with you, as our technicians do not need them to digitize your items.

For pictures and slides, please group all your photos looseleaf in sets of 25 and place them in a clear ziplock bag, and barcode the bag.






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