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We've designed your Legacybox to be a safe way to digitize home movies and photos. We're the leader for home movie and photo conversion. We've served over 500,000 families and created millions of DVDs/CDs and digital files for customers all over the country.

Mail-in processing isn't new, it's something you've done through Kodak for generations. At Legacybox, we've built on this process, layering in modern technological advancements to ensure the process is even safer.

Those safety advancements include:

Barcoding – Your Legacybox kit includes a barcode sheet, allowing you to barcode each tape or other item with your order number as well as an item number, so we can track your items through every step of our process. We'll actually scan barcodes over 5 million times this year.

Return Shipment Label — Included with your Legacybox is UPS Return Service label. This label is the same return service offered to large companies like GAP. This trackable, pre-paid label allows for drop-off at your local UPS shipping location.

Secure Facility — Your orders are processed in our secure, climate controlled, 38,000 square foot processing facility, located right here in the USA. We utilize the latest in barcoding and tracking technology (we even have developers on staff), so we know exactly where you order is at every moment.

Experience — Legacybox has grown into a national leader in digitizing analog media with a team of over 100. Legacybox serves all 48 contiguous states, has preserved over 1 million home movies for consumers, and has digitized large collections for clients such as Disney, the U.S. Institute of Peace, and the Bremen Holocaust Museum. Legacybox has been featured in many local, regional, and national media outlets — including The View, Public Radio, Parade Magazine, Family Circle Magazine, The Huffington Post, and USA Today.

Order Tracking — We've built a system to keep you informed every step of the way. We'll notify you when your order has been checked in, and you’ll receive periodic email updates as your order goes through each step, from barcoding to quality control. You can also login online to track the status of your order any time you want. You can also track your order throughout the process using this link You will just need to use your order number and email!

For more instructions on how to track your order, you can view this video below:



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