Starter vs Family vs Closet vs Trunk

Legacybox is currently offered in four different sizes. Each Legacybox is prepaid for a certain number of items. To give you the flexibility to send a wide variety of items in your Legacybox, we covered all the bases.

An item can be:

  • 1 videotape
  • 1 film reel (any size up to 10.5 inches)
  • 1 audio reel (any size up to 10.5 inches
  • 1 audio cassette
  • 1 set of 25 photos prints
  • 1 set of 25 slides
  • 1 set of 25 negatives

Different sized Legacyboxes hold a different number of items:

  • Starter - 3 Items
  • Family - 10 Items
  • Closet - 20 Items
  • Trunk - 40 Items

Of course, if you want to send in a few extra items, we include additional barcodes in your Legacybox, giving you the ability to tailor-make your Legacybox to fit your needs.

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