What are my shipping options, and how much do they cost?

For the initial shipment of your Legacybox, we provide a few options:

  • Surepost Delivery ($11.95) — *Estimated 6-12 Business Days
  • UPS Ground Delivery ($18.95) — *Estimated 4-6 Business Days
  • Express Delivery ($39.95)  *Estimated 2 Business Days

For the second leg of shipping — return shipment of your Legacybox to us — we include a UPS Ground shipping label. Just use this label to drop off your package at a UPS Ground shipping location (UPS accepts Ground in-store only; do not leave in a UPS dropbox).

For the final leg of shipping — shipment of your completed order back to you —  we use Surepost. This takes an estimated 6-12 business days.

Once you’ve placed your order, the Legacybox team will fulfill your order and get your box shipped out within 48 hours.

*Timeframe can vary depending on the shipper/location.

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