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Digitizing Film: 8mm & 16mm


Can you convert my film reels?

Yes!. We can covert your Regular 8mm, Super 8mm, Regular 16mm, and Super 16mm film. Our process delivers wonderful transfers, allowing you to see every detail of the original film. Our process digitizes film frame-by-frame with special conversion equ

How do I prep my film before sending?

Before sending in your film, it may be a good idea to follow some of these preparatory steps. Prepping your film starts by ridding your media from decades worth of dust bunny infestation. The best way to do this is to blow off your film with a can of

How do you count film reels?

That's a great question!. Each individual reel is counted as one item. If you have smaller films spliced together on a larger reel, it will still only count as one item. We do not count film format by the length of the film, but by each reel you send

What is optical sound, and can you capture it from my 8mm or 16mm film reels?

That's an excellent question!. Sound on film is rare. Optical sound on film is the rarest of them all — a relic of a bygone era that was niche in its own time. Unfortunately, it is not something we are currently able to process. Optical sound for 8mm

Do you clean film before you digitize it?

Great question! At this time, we do not offer a film cleaning service. We recommend cleaning your film before sending it in for the best conversion possible. We do a straight transfer, so the quality and condition of your film will directly inform th

Can you color correct my film?

Unfortunately, no. Our process is a straight 1 to 1 transfer, so the condition of your original items will dictate the quality of the finalized product. However, if you choose our digital files option, there are many great video editing programs that

What are the film reel sizes?

We are able to convert any size of film reel, up to 10.5". We digitize every consumer format of film created including 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm. Please note that we do not have the capability to transfer from film cartridges or film on a core —the film

How do you convert film? What is the quality?

We are very proud of our film digitization process. After testing a lot of different options, we arrived at our process. We think it's the best way to create high quality videos, minimizing some of the jumpy, flickery effects we found common in other

Can you capture sound from my 8mm or 16mm or super 8 film reels?

The majority of film is inherently silent. Anyone remember The Artist starring Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo? In rare instances, 8mm and Super 8 film may contain magnetic audio lines and 16mm film may contain magnetic, but more commonly optical, so

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