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  • Where can I ship my Legacybox?

    Your Legacybox comes pre-paid and pre-address to be processed at our Chattanooga, TN processing facility. P...

  • Where do I place my barcodes?

    Barcodes are included with your Legacybox. Every item needs a barcode. Start in the upper left, using the to...

  • What is an item?

    An item = 1 videotape or 1 film reel (any size) or 1 audio reel or 1 audio cassette or 1 set of 25 photos or ...

  • Can I add items to my Legacybox?

    Yes - you can add additional items to your order. Simply include additional items with your order by using th...

  • How long does it take?

    Standard processing time once a Legacybox arrives at our processing facility is estimated at 4-5 weeks. We wil...

  • Where can I track my order?

    Order tracking is simple! Once Make sure you have your order number and your zip code. Once your order is rece...

  • Can I add a thumb drive to my order?

    Yes! We love helping! To add a thumb drive to your order, contact our customer support team here.

  • What will I get back?

    Your digitized videotapes, film reels, audio recordings, photos and slides, will be put DVDs and optional thum...
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